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MK Prod. Art Consulting

Maryvonne and Nathalie, the company and its partners

MK Prod. - Art consulting

At first, there is interest, then a meeting, then an agreement, again meetings, growing interests .. which sometimes result in an exhibition.

With Mk Prod. Maryvonne and Nathalie :

  • Meeting artists
  • Meeting potential exhibitors (gallery owner, hotel, restaurants, etc.)
  • create links
  • takes care of the setting up of exhibitions
  • organizes quality events by partnering with complementary partners.

All this with humor and simplicity.
And because I love relationships, do not hesitate to send me a note, if you want some info …
I’m waiting for you…

"The secret of MK Prod. is it joy and simplicity. Maryvonne and Nathalie are two shiny people in the big world of art."
Lucille Lapierre, graphic art and webmaster for MK Prod.

Maryvonne and Nathalie

Creators of MK Prod.

There is something juvenile in her eyes; a mischievous purity nourished with madness. Madness, audacity or tenacity, precious words to tell the journey of this unusual mother who radiates across the oceans. Because she lives all over the world, Maryvonne. Her dreams take the plane to hoist her artists on the walls of the most beautiful galleries.

She exports her favorites in the American metropolis with the insolent freedom of the pilgrim. She bears her faith as the stigmata when she recounts her painful encounter with the Shoah on the ruins of the Auschwitz camps. She came back, then, worn out but grown up when, twenty-five years ago, the young woman discovered a horror as vast as the compassion that scarred from her flesh. A wound awakened by rocket fire and the madness of an endless conflict.

Years pass and deepen this irreversible empathy for a people who share her verses. She militates in silence, sowing her support on the lands of Israel by spreading the grace of her children across her borders. She exposes their works in a box of pixels until they fix the attention of a New York gallery owner. Her engagement moved her, her instinct impressed him. A keen sense of the beautiful, the noble; worthy to dress the world of art.

She knows nothing about it, she confesses with candor and sincerity. And it is this virginity precisely that sharpens her eye and shapes her intuition. The emotion for arbiter and altruism as motor, it gives itself the right to feel, the margin to exist and the power to make others exist. Because she is free Maryvonne, she feels more than she knows. This is the genius of the freedmen.

With Nathalie, faithful and versatile associate she embarked on the artistic adventure. They span the enthusiasm of enthusiasts the various obstacles that mark the road to entrepreneurship. They are launching their company MKprod in order to organize exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad to promote artists who touch them. Driven by their faith, their wounds and their devotion, these two scorched ones envisage in the long term to allocate their profits to the victims of attacks to respond thus to what seems to come under a call of Elsewhere.

Hazard or fate, the perfume of providence that emerges from each of these decisive encounters leaves us on the skin the thrill of evidence.

Angélique Eggenschwiler : Columnnist (Le mot de la Fin) for the newspaper La Liberté 

Partner Team

Executive Assistant

Nathalie Fauveau


Lucille – Cosycom & Nicolas, Joël and Eric – Thimoo